Thursday, 18 September 2008

UK Work Permit Guide

The most important thing to understand in UK work permits is that in the UK the employer applies for the work permit and the the work permit is granted for a particular employee. If you are an individual hoping to work in the UK, you cannot apply for a work permit. If you have a work permit for the UK, you can't change jobs without getting a new work permit.

The following are the most-frequently viewed pages in this section, and may help you find the answers to your questions:

The difference between a Work Permit and a visa
Do I need to get a UK Work Permit?
Obtaining a UK Work Permit
Alternatives to the Work Permit scheme
Work Permit application form

In addition, the following important and useful information:

How long will it take to get an employee on-site with a UK Work Permit?
Information for recruitment companies
Work Permit Duration and extension of the Work Permit
How do I apply for a UK Work Permit
Entering the UK on a Work Permit
What Data and Documents do I need to get a UK Work Permit?
Consequences of illegal employment
Spouses and Dependents of UK Work Permit holders
Employers' Liabilities

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